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ONLINE BANKING   User I.D.   Password
  • Teller Checks

    Baptist Credit Union offers teller checks (same as a certified check) to account holders for a fee of $2.50 each.

  • Money Orders

    Money Orders are available at the teller line and drive-through window at any of our branches for members only.

  • Temporary Checks

    New members can request 5 temporary check at no charge. Other requests require a fee. Available at the Main and Dallas branches only.

  • Notary Service

    Baptist Credit Union offers a notary service to our members free of charge.

  • Wire Transfers

    Wire transfers are made from our credit union to other financial institutions both nationally and internationally.

    Call Member Service at 1-800-222-2328 or 210-525-0100.

    Be sure to have the account name, account number, and ABA routing number for the person’s/financial institution receiving the wire.

    • Wire Transfers National -2:00 p.m. (CST)
    • International – 10:30 a.m. (CST)
  • Postage Stamps

    Books of 10 stamps are sold for $11.00 at the Main Office, Northeast, Mission Trail, and BMC branches.

  • Discount Movie Tickets

    Regal Cinema discount movie tickets are sold only at the San Antonio branches. Discount tickets are $9.00 each.


Transaction Limitations and Related Fees.
Please note: AS MANY TRANSFERS AS A MEMBER MAY NEED ARE FREE WHEN MADE ON MONEYLINE, THROUGH INTERNET BANKING, OR WITH AN ATM CARD. (Members using ATMs other than those free to BCU members will be charged an ATM Fee, but will not be charged any fee for the transfer.) The following is from our “Rate and Fee Schedule”.

TRANSACTION LIMITATIONS: You may not make more than three withdrawal or transfers per month from your Share Account to another credit union account of yours or to a third party by means of a preauthorized or automatic transfer or telephonic order or instruction. Additionally, you are allowed three automatic overdraft protection transfers to your share draft account per month. If you exceed the Share account transaction limitations set forth above in any month, your account will be subject to a fee of $3.00 per transaction.

Three over-the-the counter and three draft (check) withdrawals are allowed per month from your Money Market Account. A $10.00 fee is assessed for each Money Market withdrawal that exceeds this limitation. The minimum amount you may withdraw from a Money Market Account is $250.

Click here to see Additional Service Fees.